knowledge into sustainable solutions



At the Sustenable Institute we design, develop, implement, and lead initiatives to responsible develop and manage natural resources, so that:


Regulate and oversee high impact projects in accordance with the best international policies and standards


Apply the best available sustainability practices and lessons learned


Meet the Sustainable Development Goals necessary for a prosperous society, and,


provides innovative knowledge transfer alternatives and human development to support the sustained progress of the abovementioned stakeholders.

How we do it

We listen

to understand your natural resources management needs and identify opportunities for improvement.

We design

inclusive customized capacity building initiatives and solutions based on your continued input.

We execute

the best participatory strategy to transform applied knowledge and experience into your tailored sustainable solution,

We effect

lasting positive socio-environmental change through improved management of natural resource.

How we effect positive change

In Latin America, we recently provided bilingual (English/Spanish) training for government officials from the Extractives sector of the Pacific Alliance countries on Environmental, Social, and Governance issues, including gender equality, regulatory aspects, and international standards and best practices for oil & gas and mining operations, closure, and post closure.

We continue to actively pursuing collaboration agreements and converting them into action plans and projects in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Panama and Peru to support governments, industry, and communities to manage their natural resources responsibly.

How we transfer knowledge and build capacity for a sustained and responsible management of natural resources

We are an international institute that delivers sustainability-focused executive training through the development and delivery of tailored programs, capacity building and solutions for industry, government, and communities around the world.

Our programs and solutions for the optimal management and development of natural resources include topics related to international lessons learned and best practices on the following matters:


  • Global policies on gender equality and social inclusion
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance stewardship
  • Stakeholder management and conflict resolution
  • Remediation, reclamation, restoration, and compensation standards and best practices
  • Resource efficiency


We are committed to generating sustainable solutions together.