Emergency recovery and mitigations plans

We will plan from the recovery stage and to its connection with the subsequent mitigation stage. Investments of effort and resources are usually released for the preparation and response stages, but very little is actually being done in the other stages. This course will stimulate and enrich interest in strengthening response capacities in the recovery and mitigation phase.

Course plan

  1. The 4 pillars of emergency management
  2. Concepts and definitions
  3. The stages of recovery and mitigation in case of emergencies
  4. The scope of the Recovery and Mitigation Plans
  5. Stages and content of an Emergency Recovery and Mitigation Plan
  6. The interested parts
  7. The projects and activities within the plans
  8. The application of recovery and mitigation plans within small business, industry and government

30 hours

Virtual mode

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Training methodology

  • Master talk.
  • Identification and learning of lessons.
  • Discussions. 

Professional profile

Experience in extractive and/or agro-industrial activities.

Acquired skills

  • The participant will learn about the new tools and techniques that a technician or professional must have to develop and prepare recovery and mitigation plans in case of emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Transfer to the participant the necessary knowledge to design, develop and apply the appropriate plans in relation to the identified risks and challenges.


  • Knowledge of the emergency management system of private and public organizations.
  • Improvement of skills to coordinate emergency actions with emphasis on the recovery and mitigation phases.


You will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the Director of the Institute and the Instructor of the course. This certificate will recognize your organization for its effort and good sustainability practices, and also each of the participants for their professional advancement.

More than an expert

Professionals linked to companies in the extractive sector, agribusiness, government professionals in charge of risk and disaster management offices, professionals and technicians recently graduated from any career, as well as independent entrepreneurs.

Learn from experience

We have leading experts on the subject who are in the field of directed research and also have professional experience applied in each of their sectors. We provide shared experiences and professional opinions on managing emergencies and natural disasters.

Interactive learning

We transform the learning experience through interactive platforms like Brightspace to generate memorable encounters between educators and students, bringing learning to life in a dynamic way no matter where they are.

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