Comprehensive management of water in mining:


“More than a vital resource”

We will know the water cycle in mining projects to give a better comprehensive management to this valuable, vital resource. In this course, you will learn the current advances of continental and oceanic water in mining projects. From the location, storage, reuse, treatment and recharge of aquifers and surface water.

Course plan

  1. Fundamentals of mining, mining hydrogeology
  2. Water cycle in mining operations
  3. Acid drainage, origins and solutions
  4. Comprehensive water management in mining projects
  5. Closing and Post Closing miners
  6. Conclusions and recommendations

30 hours

Virtual mode

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Training methodology

  • Master talk.
  • Real cases of global and local mining.
  • Discussions.

Professional profile

Experience or interest in working in the hydrocarbon/energy/mining or related industry or in governmental and non-governmental organizations related to these fields.

Acquired skills

  • Upon completion, the participant acquires and prioritizes the concept of circular economy of water in mining projects.
  • You will receive all the latest on comprehensive water management issues, from the early stages of the projects, to the closure and post-closure of the mine.


  • Al finalizar el participante adquiere y prioriza el concepto de economía circular del agua en los proyectos mineros.
  • Recibirá todo lo más reciente en temas de la gestión integral del agua, desde las etapas tempranas en los proyectos, hasta el cierre y post cierre minero.


You will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the Director of the Institute and the Instructor of the course. This certificate will recognize your organization for its effort and good sustainability practices, and also each of the participants for their professional advancement.

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