Management of stakeholders and socio-environmental indicators in the oil and gas industry

In this course, students will take a detailed examination of community management principles and applications as they apply to the oil and gas industry (including planning, exploration, development, post-development) and within the context of sustainable development (economic, environmental y social) relevant to Latin American countries.

Course plan

  1. Roles and interactions between communities, companies and governments in energy development.
  2. Community involvement.
  3. Project planning and community participation.
  4. Communities and social performance.
  5. Management of impacts and community benefits.

30 hours

Virtual mode

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Training methodology

  • Enfatizaremos en la aplicación de prácticas, habilidades, técnicas y aprendizajes que se apliquen a la gestión comunitaria y los indicadores sociales en la industria del petróleo y el gas. Combinaremos presentaciones, actividades multimedia, discusiones en grupo, simulaciones, ejercicios y lectura / investigación dirigida.


  • Esperamos que los estudiantes se preparen para los elementos del curso a través de actividades de investigación dirigida y que presenten oralmente / compartan sus experiencias y opiniones profesionales en torno a la gestión de problemas, riesgos y oportunidades asociados con gestión comunitaria.

Professional profile

Experience or interest in working in the hydrocarbon/energy/mining or related industry or in government and non-government organizations related to these fields.

Acquired skills

  • Understand the role and purpose of community management.
    Apply their acquired skills and learning for their beneficial application in the country’s business and society.


  • Assess comparative CSR and sustainability needs.
  • Understand the social, economic and political context in which socio-environmental issues must be evaluated and managed.
  • Understand the role of stakeholder engagement and its importance to the industry.
  • Acquire practical tools that can be applied on a daily basis.


You will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the Director of the Institute and the Instructor of the course. This certificate will recognize your organization for its effort and good sustainability practices, and also each of the participants for their professional advancement.

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Professionals linked to companies in the extractive sector, agribusiness, government professionals in charge of risk and disaster management offices, professionals and technicians recently graduated from any career, as well as independent entrepreneurs.

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We have leading experts on the subject who are in the field of directed research and also have professional experience applied in each of their sectors. We provide shared experiences and professional opinions on managing emergencies and natural disasters.

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